Why RNI?

Why need of RNI account?
What you get while registering with the RNI. All the information you provide when registering will be stored in your account, and you can change whenever you like.

Why register for a RNI account?
For the News Buyers
RNI gives you the best offer at lowest cost to its buyers. Once you are registered and signed in to your account, you can get ...
  • 1. Exclusive News in your subscribed languages with Photos.
  • 2. Exclusive Videos clips.
  • 3. If you want to buy a single news with photo, you can buy by paying online.
  • 4. You can track you balance if you are package buyers.

For the Writers
It gives you the best platform at RNI. Once you are registered and signed in to your account, you can...
  • 1. Writing your news and publish on RNI with Photos and Videos clips and getting right value of it
  • 2. RNI will stabilize you on internet with Google as Search Engine Optimization and SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • 3. RNI will give you self-employment. Best content and best value.
  • 4. RNI will stabilize to new growing writers in the journalism.
  • 5. You will get an Archive of old stories for your ready reference.
  • 6. RNI will entertain only those dynamic persons who gives news true and faster. Our motive is true news, photos and videos. Our competition will be with RNI members only.

RNI gives you detailed information to its account holders while they are signed in into their account.

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